Several major opportunities, including two key Army projects, are making progress despite the current halt on new initiatives due to the ongoing continuing resolution that’s expected to last until mid-November.

A notable advancement occurred on October 13th when the Army’s Space and Missile Defense Command issued over a dozen pre-solicitation notices for its $4 billion Design, Development, Demonstration and Integration II (D3I2) research and development program.

Program Name Potential Value
Alliant 3 Unrestricted $75.0 B
Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement VI $20.0 B
Chief Information Officer – Commodities and Solutions 2 $20.0 B
Femi National Accelerator Lab Operations & Maintenance $10.0 B
Chief Information Officer Business Operation Support Service II $10.0 B
Special Operations Forces Global Logistics Support Services $8.0 B
Protech 2.0 Weather $8.0 B
Program Management, Administration, Clerical, and Technical Services III $5.6 B
Mission Partner Enviroment $5.6 B
Strategic Sourcing for the Acquisition of Various Equipment and Supplies $5.0 B
GSA Ascend $5.0 B
Access $5.0 B
Missile Defense Agency Integration & Operations for Enterprise Solutions $4.6 B
Design, Development, Demonstration and Integration II $3.4 B
Microsoft Enterprise Service II $4.0 B
Cooperative Threat Reduction Integrating Contract IV $3.5 B
Management and Operation of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve $3.1 B
Warfighter Training & Readiness Solutions $3.1 B
Strategic Transformation Support II $3.0 B
NextGen Procurement Services Agent?HIV $3.0 B


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