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Washington’s landscape is continuously shifting. Stay informed with unparalleled insights, news, and expertise that stand out from the rest.

The importance of Intel Papers

Intel Papers is more than just a government business development service – the deliverables are designed to save you time and effort equipping you with data to have a competitive advantage.

Reports for immediate use.

Power Point slides simplifying updates to stakeholders about crucial policy topics.

Access to decision makers

Comprehensive updates across various sectors, legislative monitoring, directory details, and more – provided to you.

Custom alerts

Get email updates on relevant legislation and policy topics. We create personalized alerts based on your specific search preferences.

Federal and state tracking

Receive both federal and state legislative actions closely with unique summaries of federal bills, in-depth markup reviews, regulatory feedback monitoring, and beyond.

Specialized Deliverables

Benefit from the deep knowledge of seasoned professionals and analysts to stay updated with the latest global, national, and state-level insights.

Detailed congressional directory

At-request, receive congressional overviews, legislative histories, voting records, financial contributions, and regional data – we handle the in-depth research on your behalf.

Partner and receive core insights

  • Detail congressional directories complete with bios and contact details
  • Receive alerts for monitoring pivotal federal and state policy shifts
  • Summaries of federal bills including comprehensive text, past iterations, and amendments
  • Assistance in categorizing and disseminating the most crucuial bills, legislations, and new relevant to you

Keep a step ahead of state policy changes

Intel Papers: We simplifies the process of keeping abreast of vital state intelligence. Streamline your tasks with:

  • News and policy updates sent directly to your inbox
  • Monitoring of legislative and regulatory movements across all 50 states
  • Partner with an advisor to congresional research

Get growth intelligence today

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